LED Lighting

Our Client

The Tenpin bowling facility is located in a classic unit style building with little or no natural light. They open every day until midnight and need their lights on through out the whole day.


The Problem

The original lighting system in the building was incurring high electricity costs for the Tenpin and need to be upgraded, not only to save money, but to be more energy efficient.


What we did

Bence Eco helped Tenpin reduce their Carbon Emissions by 24 carbon tonnes per year by simply replacing their original light fittings for the LED equivalent. This achieved an electrical financial savings of £4,206 per year equating to a total saving of £14,275.24, including all purchase and installation costs. This resulted in a 0.9 year payback period.

Please go to our LED Lighting page for more information on our products and service, or contact us to discus your project.

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